The 38th Annual Epworth "Jubilee" Old Harp Singing

A field recording of the 38th annual Epworth Jubilee singing from the New Harp of Columbia, held March 25, 2002 at the Laurel Theatre in Knoxville, Tennessee is now available.
The singing was captured by two Behringer B-2 microphones, placed above and to the rear of the Alto section, processed through a Behringer pre-amp and into a Tascam DA 20 MKII Digital Audio Tape recorder. Editing accomplished using Cool Edit on an HP 8550C Computer.
Title: The Year of Jubilee is Come!: Old Harp Singing from the 38th Epworth Jubilee
Recording Date: March 24, 2002
Location: The Laurel Theatre {formerly the Fort Sanders Presbyterian Church}, Knoxville, TN.
Recorded by: John Lamb
Track Number/ Title/Leader
Disc 1
  1. No. 107 Holy Manna, Kathleen Mavournin
  2. No. 115 Northfield, Tina Becker
  3. No. 81 Golden Hill, Ann Strange
  4. No. 117 Coronation, Kathleen Mavournin
  5. No. 56b Warrenton, Larry Olszewski
  6. No. 99 Morning Trumpet, Larry Olszewski
  7. No. 80 Shawmut, Ann Strange
  8. No. 115 Northfield, Bill Gooch
  9. No. 124 Saint's Adieu, Mitch Martin
  10. No. 131T Marston, Kathleen Mavournin
  11. No. 30, Sion's Security, Jarius Sarten
  12. No. 110, North Salem, Gideon Fryer
  13. No. 16, Greenfields, Tina Becker
  14. No. 18, Windham, Virginia Douglas
  15. No. 146, Edom, Kathy Jones
  16. No. 65, Texas, Bob Richmond
  17. No. 52 Sup., Evening Shade, Steve Stone (from Restored Edition)
  18. No. 59T, Marlow, Mark Jones
  19. No. 127, The Rock, Steve Stone
  20. No. 159, Ocean, Larry Olszewski
  21. No. 162 Sup., David's Lamentation, Kathleen Mavournin (from Restored Edition)
  22. No. 68, Paradise, Larry Olszewski
  23. No. 42, Lenox, Steve Stone
  24. No. 11, Old Hundred, Larry Olszewski

Ordering Information: This recording has been retired.