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Image from CD Cover

Weep Not for Me: An Old Harp Memorial for Larry Olszewski

This one-disc recording contains 26 lessons from a singing held in conjunction with the memorial service for noted Old Harp Singer, Larry E. Olsewski, held at the Laurel Theater in Knoxville, TN on Sunday, December 18, 2005. A strong class composed of Old Harp Singers from East Tennessee, joined by Sacred Harp and Christian Harmony singers from surrounding areas, came to mourn the loss their friend, fellow singer, and the most ardent champion of Old Harp singing in recent memory. The result is the strongest recent Old Harp singing currently available on recording. This cd is professionally printed/ burned, and includes songs notes and brief essays on the history of Old Harp singing and the singing experience, as well as a dedication to Larry. Also included are two short excerpts from Larry’s comments to the class at the 2005 Headrick’s Chapel Singing, and his solo singing of Parting Friends, sung as a farewell to the community.

The singing was captured by two Behringer B-2 studio microphones, placed above and to the rear of the Alto section, processed through a Behringer pre-amp and into a Tascam DA 20 MKII Digital Audio Tape recorder. Transfer to the computer via a Echo Mia soundcard, and editing in Soundforge.

Title: Weep Not for Me: An Old Harp Memorial for Larry Olszewski
Recording Date: Recorded December 18, 2005
Location: The Laurel Theatre, Knoxville, Tennessee.
Recorded by: John Lamb

  1. 181-Boylston
  2. 52(S)-Evening Shade
  3. 107-Holy Manna
  4. 56B-Warrenton
  5. 368T-Paradise
  6. 80B-Shawmut and 81T - Shirland
  7. 162(S)- David’s Lamentation
  8. 56T -Heavenly Armor
  9. 115 -Northfield
  10. 146 -Edom
  11. 65-Clinton
  12. 30-Zion’s Security
  13. 144-Rowley
  14. 42-Lenox
  15. 114T -Zion
  16. 111-Hamburg
  17. 124-The Saints Adieu
  18. 18-Windham
  19. 180-Whitestown
  20. Samanthra (From the Christian Harmony)
  21. 74-Never Part Again
  22. 117-Coronation
  23. 99-Morning Trumpet
  24. 98-Liberty
  25. 53-Dundee
  26. 11-Old Hundred.
  27. Old Harp is a gift – Larry O
  28. Parting Friends -- Larry O
  29. Old Harp is a time – Larry O
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